Orbital welding technique is an automated arc welding method

PIPELINES are the safest and the most economical method for transmitting large amount of oil and natural gas from remote areas to consuming markets. Ever-increasing weld quality and productivity requirements of the final welds from the pipeline, orbital welding is the first choice for the joining of pipes.

Due to the automation, consistent and excellent weld quality, orbital welding is far greater than what can be achieved manually.

Orbital welding is an automated arc welding method that moves the arc around a round work piece while the work piece remains stationary. Because of the automation, the system provides enhanced precision, reliability and time-saving compared to manual techniques – the prime reason for Gedik Welding, a leading Turkish manufacturer of welding consumables, adopting it.

Pipelines with different pipe diameters as small as a few millimetres or as large as several centimetres can be welded in this way. High deposition rate with solid and flux cored wires for root, hot, filler and cap passes can be reached by this automatic MIG-MAG welding process.

The orbital system consists of pipe truck, power source, pipe band, wire feed and control panels.

Before welding operation, orbital welding machine is fixed on a band placed on aligned pipes.

The machine moves on uphill and downhill directions. This technique increases welding speed, saves time, brings increase in quality and improvement in productivity. It also completely eliminates human errors and inconsistency by employing minimum manpower.

This method requires good preparation stages of weld groove and pipe alignment. If weld groove is not opened with a machine, most attention must be paid to smoothness and homogeneity of the weld groove. To obtain a faultless and quality weld seam in welding applications done in accordance with API 1104, pipes needs to be aligned carefully in order to avoid eccentricity.

Correct alignment of the pipes is very crucial especially in the spirally welded pipes.

Orbital welding technique is not only preferred in pipe-pipe joints but also in manufacturing of tankers and pressurised vessels for faster, safer and cost effective solutions. It is also important to use welding consumables like solid and flux-cored wires with this automatic system. Gedik Welding offers Geka Pipeline solid and flux-cored wires for root, hot, filler and cap passes. Flux-cored wires; Elcor B 70, Elcor B70 Sc, Elcor R 71, Elcor R 71Sc, Elcor R 81NiSc, Elcor R 91Sc and solid wires: SG2,SG3,SGMo, SG NiMo1-IG can be used for all position welding.