An IQM Quantum computer

Multiverse Computing and IQM Quantum Computers will integrate quantum superconducting hardware with quantum software to deliver better outcomes in the near-term for industries such as energy

Multiverse Computing, a global leader in delivering value-based quantum computing solutions, and IQM Quantum Computers have announced a partnership to develop integrated solutions for specific quantum-based applications in energy, chemistry, logistics, material science, finance, and other verticals.

Quantum-powered methods can be used for cleaner energy production and sustainable market management, and fighting climate change.

Quantum-based applications can help simulate complex molecules from basic principles, allowing for the discovery of new compounds and materials.

Through this partnership, both companies will tightly integrate IQM’s co-designed quantum processors with Multiverse’s Singularity SDK to accelerate the path to quantum advantage in solving real-world problems.

Engineers will design application-specific processors that leverage the strengths of each product and the company’s deep customer knowledge to offer the best custom solutions.

"This partnership combines the best solutions in today’s quantum software and hardware," says Dr Peter Eder, Head of Partnerships of IQM Quantum Computers.

"We are bringing some of the best quantum experts in this world together to find a fast lane to quantum advantage. Our customers and end-users globally will benefit from this unique joint offering, and we can’t wait to share the results of this collaboration."

Multiverse’s Singularity SDK is a front-runner in delivering intuitive quantum software plug-ins as well as quantum-inspired algorithms for a wide range of applications including optimisation, machine learning and simulations. IQM’s co-designed quantum computers minimise non-essential overheads and offer novel chip architecture and ultrafast quantum operations.

"While multiverse can offer added value today with our quantum-inspired solutions, being a part of a custom full-stack solution is key for singularity’s adoption and will ultimately drive the adoption of quantum computing technologies," says Mehdi Bozzo-Rey, Chief Revenue Officer at Multiverse Computing.

"This combined offering means both our customers can explore the power of quantum computing with customised solutions dedicated to solving their particular business challenges."

Jani Heikkinen, Head of Business Development and Country Manager of IQM Quantum Computers Spain, says: "IQM is well-positioned to support our partners in Spain through our Madrid office. This partnership with a leading Spanish quantum software company boosts our European leadership and our commitment to develop the Spanish quantum ecosystem."

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