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The Zetros truck accepts no limits

The Zetros stands for the excellent quality associated with the Made in Germany label

The Zetros results from more than 120 years of experience and know-how. Manufactured in Wörth at the largest truck assembly plant in the world, this unique off-road truck stands for the excellent quality associated with the Made in Germany label.

Heiko Schulze, CEO of Juffali Commercial Vehicles (JCV), says: 'We are a leading provider in the KSA and have a deep understanding of the intricate and rigorous demands of the oil and gas sector. We offer effective transportation solutions to fully support your business needs. Our services include the transportation of pipes, chemicals, drilling equipment, personnel, fuel, water, and other materials to and from exploration and drilling sites – even in the most challenging and remote terrains. Our vehicles are designed, constructed, and tested with daily usage in mind. We only expect trucks that can deliver practical performance to meet our high standards, as well as yours.'

Schulze ... unwavering commitment to quality

He adds: 'The new and improved Mercedes-Benz Zetros is designed to withstand extreme conditions on both on-road and off-road terrains. With our unwavering commitment to quality, we proudly stand behind our slogan of delivering trustworthy trucks with added power. While tried and tested features remain, we have also made significant improvements to ensure that the Zetros always reaches its destination without compromise. Experience the unmatched power of the Zetros today.'

This cab-behind-engine truck not only excels in off-road capabilities and operating strength in extreme conditions but it is a dependable option for long-distance haulage. Whether it be rough and dusty terrain or poorly maintained asphalt roads, this truck is up for the challenge. Its resilience knows no limits.

The Zetros is a versatile vehicle that can handle rough terrain such as potholes, muddy ruts, mountains, hills, sand, dust, cold, and heat. It provides comfort and safety to drivers and crew members, making it an excellent choice for both off-road and on-road adventures. The Zetros has the ability to go beyond the limits of a conventional truck due to its reliable electronic systems and easily accessible technology.

The Zetros comes in 12 different variants, each available directly from the manufacturer. It can be used as a dumper, platform vehicle, or semitrailer truck, with either two or three axles and with or without all-wheel drive. The Zetros meets Euro III emissions standards, making it a great option for any destination.


The overall concept of the Zetros is also reflected in the engine: High output (360 hp to 476 hp), long maintenance intervals, and low service expenditure were the focus from the start.

The Zetros is available as a 4×2/4×4 vehicle with a 6-cylinder in-line engine in 18–22 tonnes weight variants. And the 6×4/6×6 variants with a 6-cylinder in-line engine are available as 25–40-tonne weight variants.

As a 3-axle semitrailer tractor powered by the OM 460 engine, with a permissible gross combination weight of up to 120 tonnes, the Zetros offers enough reserves to reliably transport the heaviest loads on multi-axle trailers far beyond paved roads.

The Zetros is a durable and dependable vehicle, built for tough jobs in extreme conditions. It can handle water, mud, gravel, and even the harshest climates, making it the ideal choice for any rugged terrain.


The Zetros is designed to provide utmost comfort and ease of use. Its cab is positioned in such a way that it reduces shocks and vibrations, giving the driver and co-driver a smoother ride.

The cab is spacious and well-designed, providing ample room for movement and a well-arranged set of controls and indicators.

Furthermore, the Zetros offers an air-conditioned driver’s cab option that comes without an engine tunnel. It boasts plenty of storage space, easy entry and exit, and fully functional seats for up to three people. The vehicle also provides excellent visibility and a comprehensive overview, completing its ergonomic design.


The Zetros comes with standard 14.00 R 20 tires, which provide extra traction and ground clearance due to their single design. However, there are other options available, including 395/85 R 20 tires, as well as twin tires in varying weights and sizes.

The Zetros ... designed to withstand extreme conditions on on-road and
off-road terrains

The spare tire is safely stored underneath the vehicle’s frame on the left side and doesn’t affect the break-over angle or ground clearance. It’s an exact match to the mounted tires and can be easily removed and replaced using the spare wheel jack.


The Zetros has excellent handling capabilities, thanks to its specially tuned spring-damper system.

Its chassis is robust and uniquely designed for off-road use, providing a high level of ride comfort and top-notch off-road capability with its long spring travel, shock absorbers, and stabiliser bars.

The axle suspension uses parabolic springs, and it has variants that allow for adjusting the axle loads.


The Zetros is designed for optimal off-road conditions. It features a sturdy, long-lasting ladder-type frame with open C-section longitudinal members and bolted C-section cross members, based on the straight frame of the Actros.

The frame is reinforced for maximum durability and is torsionally flexible with 2 x 500 mm axle articulations along the diagonal.

The front end of the frame is designed for attaching front-mounted implements and for raising or towing the vehicle. This frame concept allows for high flexibility when it comes to choosing bodies for the vehicle.

The Zetros is equipped with reliable and low-maintenance drum brakes as a standard feature. Its anti-lock braking system (ABS) can be activated to lessen the braking distance, even on uneven or off-road surfaces.

The steering is effortless and user-friendly, with a hydraulic 1-circuit power steering of type ZF 8098 that operates at a high pressure of up to 150 bar. This ensures comfortable and non-fatiguing steering, with automatic bleeding of the hydraulic system and an adjustable steering column.

The Zetros is capable of maneuvering in deep water. It has elevated ventilation and air intake above the cab, as well as headlamps that can ford through water.

The standard fording depth for the Zetros is 800 mm, but with the appropriate modifications (special equipment), it can even go up to 1,190 mm.


Due to their unique design placing the cab behind the front axle, cab-behind-engine vehicles offer several advantages for drivers, especially on rough and bumpy roads.

The front bonnet provides smooth and comfortable handling, while with no engine tunnel, there is more space in the cabin for movement and safe entry and exit on the side of the vehicle away from traffic.

The spacious cab accommodates three modern, comfortable seats and storage for equipment or a sleeping area on the back wall. As a result, drivers can handle the Zetros with ease and less fatigue, even on long trips.

JCV offers the Zetros truck with a warranty of two years or 250,000 km, whichever comes first; first year bumper-to-bumper the second year on powertrain.

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