Over 8,000 Saudis have graduated from SPSP

SPSP’s success wouldn’t have been possible without the active engagement and leadership of its founders, who strongly support industrial expansion

Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic (SPSP) was founded in 2008 by the Ministry of Energy, the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), Saudi Arabian Chevron, Saudi Aramco and Aramco Gulf Operations and the main supporter, HRDF.

SPSP was established to meet the training needs of the oil and gas services industry and to support the Saudisation of the technical workforce in Saudi Arabia. This would not have been successful without the intensive engagement and leadership of the SPSP founders in support of industrial expansion and community growth by graduating 8,000 young Saudi technicians with secured employment as well as certifying more than 6,000 company employees to perform technical jobs.

SPSP founders and members of the board of trustees have a vested interest in SPSP’s success as one of the important enablers of Saudi Vision 2030 by focusing on developing the human element and contributing toward the transformation to a knowledge-based economy, and to establish SPSP as a global training institute in Saudi Arabia.

The leadership of the Ministry of Energy has created the strong commitment of a board of trustees to establish SPSP as a joint venture to generate social value and excellence in the oil and gas arena, and this what has made SPSP a distinguished icon in vocational training. It has allowed SPSP to proactively work in addressing the high demand and requirements in the energy sector for a qualified workforce with the best education, knowledge, and skills. The Ministry of Energy led the efforts, strategy development and oil and gas partnership, being the primary leader.

SPSP founders are continuously contributing to SPSP both financially and operationally. The Saudi government has also contributed tremendously to the establishment and development of SPSP through HRDF in one of the highest financial supports to companies as part of the vision to develop competent Saudis and ensure the quality of their social life. Moreover, TVTC has furnished SPSP with assets, facilities, and license, and has created a platform of a strategic organisation and continuous recognition of SPSP role.

Saudi Chevron, the founder of the first institute has provided SPSP with continuous financial support as part of its vision to contribute to society and develop critical skills in the energy sector. It has been an exceptional investment in local content.

On this edition’s occasion to address the contribution of the largest energy company in the world to Saudisation, it is quite relevant to mention that since inception, Saudi Aramco has participated in establishing SPSP to be a role model affiliate.

Saudi Aramco has provided full support by founding the second institute in 2012 in Al-Khafji through Saudi Aramco for Khafji Operations, and then founding the third Institute of Construction and Drilling in 2014 in Dammam as well. Moreover, Saudi Aramco has provided the know-how in training, authority of certification and executive leadership to manage SPSP since inception.

Today, SPSP is considered one of the success contributions stories of Saudi Aramco and its continuous effort towards the development of local content, Saudisation and enriching the Kingdom’s economy.

SPSP’s success is due to the support and leadership of its founders and partners, who are behind the successful 12-year journey in leading the technical training. SPSP founders and sponsors have enabled SPSP to be at the forefront of vocational training delivery and to have access to all relevant support needed to perform its training operations in the highest quality, says the company.

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