Zoomlion delivers the 100th RT crane to Ranco

The RT crane was designed after Zoomlion extensively studied the Saudi conditions with Ranco, which has provided a rigid platform for quality Chinese products locally as an alternative to American and European products

Rabiah and Nassar Group (Ranco) celebrated the delivery of the 100th Rough Terrain (RT) crane from Zoomlion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At a ceremony in Holiday Inn Al Khobar and attended by the who’s who of the equipment industry from across the Kingdom, Ranco acknowledged the trust of its valued partners and ensured further strengthening these relations.

Amongst the many who attended included Abaja Group, Arabian Drilling Company, Asateel Transport Company, Al Askar Group, Sarens Naas, Pewat Arabia, KCT Rigmoving, ACT Cranes, Gulf Haulage and Heavy Lift, Zamil Offshore, Sino Hydro, Hajjan Drilling, Abdullah Al Barrak Group, Khalifa Mulhim Company, PSBS, Test Company, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo, and Expertise Contracting Company.

ADC/Ofsat took delivery of its 68th unit at the ceremony. Speaking at the ceremony, Faisal Harbi Al Ghamdi, General Manager for ADC/Ofsat Arabia said: "The partnership between the two companies started in 2016 when Aman Samdani visited ADC office to introduce Zoomlion Cranes. Ten cranes were initially ordered primarily based on Zoomlion’s quality versus the price and also due to the dealership approach and support provided by Ranco."

He said: "We can say today that Ranco has kept its promise in providing support 24/7, including maintenance and rescue back up teams round the clock."

Commenting on its partnership with Ranco, Mohammed Ashif, CEO of Expertise Contracting Company, said: "Expertise and Ranco go back to 2015, when one crane was initially ordered. After seeing the approach of the manufacturer and the dealer, the crane count has been increased to 23 units over the years. Expertise plans to add in 20 more Zoomlion units in the coming years.

Zoomlion awarded Ranco the Sales and Service Award for 2019

He added: "An aggressive sales team, especially Manzoor Ali from Zoomlion and Aman Samdani from Ranco has brought this association to where it is today. We wish Ranco management the very best for future endeavours."

Other customers also expressed their satisfaction with Ranco. One of them was Allan Moore, General Manager, Precast Building Systems. He said: "As an organisation, we have been working with the Ranco Group for the last three years and are totally satisfied with both the pre-sale and post-sale dealings we have had and continue to have.

"I would describe them as an organisation that does not push or enforce their ideas or products directly on to the customer but listens inventively to the customer’s requirements and provides solutions and products that fulfill our needs.

"To me this is a company that understands the value of both their customers and their brands that they promote which is truly a mark of an organisation that considers customer service as a core value for the entire organization."

Meanwhile, Mazen Al Anaizi, Business Owner GHHL, expressed gratitude to Ranco for its great service over the years. He said: "In business, we often depend heavily on our vendors and suppliers for adequate equipment, deliveries and service. A vendor that delivers good service deserves praise and acknowledgement.

Ranco delivers the 68th unit to ADC/Ofsat

"I thank Ranco for their quality of service. We sincerely appreciate their efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability they have demonstrated with regard to every equipment provided, and the way they conduct business as a whole. We have and will continue to recommend Ranco’s services to other companies and contacts. Our team could not be more satisfied with Ranco’s work, and we look forward to continuing this relationship."

Ranco began its journey as an exclusive Zoomlion dealer for RT Cranes in 2015 and by the end of 2019, it had catapulted itself into the league of dealers selling maximum RT Cranes across the Saudi Arabia, with more than 50 unit deliveries in one year.

Commenting on their partnership with Zoomlion, Fahad Al Rabiah, Director Commercial Division, Ranco, says: "Zoomlion being the world’s fourth Largest construction machinery manufacturer, it is a pleasure in providing a rigid platform and quality Chinese products to the Saudi market, which required an alternative to American and European products with similar quality and feasible pricing. And this is where Zoomlion and Ranco struck a chord as partners in the Saudi equipment market."

Ranco was awarded the 2019 Sales and Service Award by Zoomlion at the ceremony.

Presenting the product line, Aman Samdani, Product Manager at Ranco says the Zoomlion RT division has extensively read the Saudi conditions and designed the RT crane accordingly. "This should be a major reason for its instant recognition in the KSA market. The product line boasts of best-in-class components, which include a Cummins engine (US), transmission from DANA (US). All major components are dominantly imported from the US and Germany."

Ranco is committed to providing sales and aftersales service for its customer 24/7 all over the Kingdom, from Neom to The Empty Quarter. It serves customers on site in sectors including rig movement, drilling, precast, construction and infrastructure.

The company has dedicated itself to providing instant response to all its customers undertaking troubleshooting the first day itself.

Service in-charge Hafiz Mohammed Yasir says they have designed six to eight working teams with mobile vans and movable equipment to resolve issues at the customer’s site. In addition, a well-maintained spare parts inventory and manufacturers’ engineers at disposal in the facility has boosted capacity and the capability to attend and sort issues immediately.

Over the years, Ranco has supplied to and served many major customers. These include ADC/Ofsat Arabia, Expertise Contracting Company, Gulf Heavy Haulage Lifting (GHHL) & GH Rig Move, Khalifa Mulheim Precast Building Systems, Asateel Transport and Rig Move, Zamil Offshore, and Sino Hydro, amongst many.

Some of its many achievements includes a 38-unit bulk order from Ofsat Arabia. Ranco also made it to the Sepco project in 2020 by supplying RT and crawler cranes to Sino Hydro. It is also the first choice of rig movers.

Ranco has plans to further expand so as to better support and serve its esteemed associates.

Established in 1950 in Khobar, Ranco started as a small road building contractor and worked in coordination with the Saudi Aramco and various municipalities to construct some of the major road networks in the Eastern Province.

From these humble beginnings, the group expanded to partner with the Ministry of Communication to build the first road network in the Central region as well as a number of other major projects such as airports, water treatment facilities, bridges and other road networks.

In addition to being partners with Zoomlion (for RT cranes, crawler cranes, manlifts), Ranco is also dealer and agent for famous global brands in material handling solutions, including Altec (US), TireBoss (Canada) and Goodsense Forklift.

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