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Riffa Views is the only golf course residential community in Bahrain providing all the needed basic services to its residents in a safe and secure environment

Riffa Views is the most distinguished residential golf address in the Kingdom of Bahrain; a complex that not only offers a luxurious lifestyle, but all the benefits of living in a flourishing suburban area.

'With natural, calm, tranquil sceneries and green landscapes spanning three distinctively exclusive signature estates — the Oasis, Lagoons and Parks Estate — there is no doubt Riffa Views is the most distinguished golf residence in the region. Everything at the residential complex comes together in perfect harmony,' says Yasser Abdulrahman Al Raee, Managing Director, Riffa Views tells OGN.

The Lagoons at Riffa Views ... serene

He says the distinguishing aspect of Riffa Views from other real estate projects in Bahrain is the focus on a tranquil landscape and green spaces spreading across the three estates, not to mention the picturesque environment and the golf course, which is planted with natural grass and covers more than 60 per cent of the entire project area.

Riffa Views residents have many reasons to celebrate the project. The key facets include:

• The Royal Golf Club: Bahrain’s only 18-hole championship standard golf course and a par 9-hole course.

• The Royal Country Club, which incorporates a swimming pool, fit-ness facilities and restaurants.

• Communal gardens incorporating safe children playgrounds.

• Multi-purpose sports courts and green open areas.

• Tennis courts.

• Football fields.

• Riffa Palms retail complex.

• Mosques.

• Riffa Views International school, a leading provider of world-class education.

Part of the world-class golf course at the Oasis

Al Raee says: 'The spread of public gardens with safe playgrounds for children, multi-use playgrounds with open green spaces, where many sports, such as tennis and football can be practised, tennis and football academies, the Riffa Palms Mall, mosques, and the Riffa Views International School, which is a leader in providing world-standard education, from kindergarten to secondary, make the Riffa Views a unique and distinguished complex.'

All these are enfolded in a complex supplied with four entrances to provide security and comfort to the residents and visitors.

Commenting on the importance of these elements in a project, Al Raee says: 'The provision of basic services for the residents of Riffa Views tops our priorities, as they are essential in a project of this size. Therefore, we have been keen to set up key and indispensable facilities while constructing the three residential complexes to meet the needs of the owners.'

About the 18-hole Royal Golf Club, he said it was designed by famous professional golfer, Colin Montgomerie, as per the standards of the World Championships.

'Both the Royal Golf Club and the 9-hole golf course have attracted the most famous world golf players over the past years,' Al Raee says.

There is also the Country Club, which includes an integrated health club, a swimming pool, restaurants and an outdoor multi-purpose stadium.

The Park Estate ... an exclusive enclave within Riffa Views offering
sophisticated Mediterranean lifestyle

Moreover, the world-standard prestigious Riffa Views International School is reputed not only at the level of Bahrain, but at the international level thanks to its modern curricula and innovative teaching and learning strategies. It was opened in 2008-2009 and the first batch will graduate this year.

The last element to be added is the Riffa Palms Mall, which includes a supermarket and restaurants that serve residents and visitors, and has turned it into a meeting point and social communication in the Southern Governorate.

There are also three mosques, one in each estate.


The Park Estate is an exclusive enclave within Riffa Views, offering sophisticated Mediterranean lifestyle, which includes green vast parks and walkways, palm tree lined avenues, exotic residences that reflect the brilliant sun with their earth coloured shades, and flared gardens that bring the land to life.

Elaborating on the Parks Estate, Al Raee says: 'In order to provide diversity and avoid monotony in the project, the Parks Estate was designed to reflect the architectural pattern of the north Mediterranean through external design of the villas, the choice of colours and the use of roof tiles, in addition to spacious gardens and green corridors.'

The villas units in Parks Estate is similar to those of the Lagoon and Oasis estates’ villas. They consist of two to three-bedroom townhouses, and four-six bedroom villas. However, the average size of land lots in this estate is bigger than those in the other estates to give the owners larger areas for the home garden.

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