Younis ... scouting for new technologies

Sawafi’s headquarter hub at Spark will attract well reputed technology innovators as partners to provide services for the region’s upstream sector

Sawafi continues to lead in localisation of the upstream in Saudi Arabia. As new technology partner with Saudi Aramco, it endeavours to introduce new solutions to optimise performance and production, and cost-effective services.

To this effect, Sawafi is building its headquarter hub at the King Salman Energy Park (Spark) in 2021. The advanced hub will attract well reputed technology innovators to partner with Sawafi and become a regional service provider for upstream, says Marwan Younis, Sawafi Managing Director.

Established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Khalid Ali Alturki and Sons Holding Company (Alturki Holding) in 2013, Sawafi has ever since marketed and delivered highly differentiated technology products and associated services to the upstream oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia.

The company provides state-of-the-art services and products, covering drilling enhancement, intelligent completion products, artificial lift products, well characterisation and visualisation, well real time survey services, and artificial intelligence analytics and alerts.

The challenges Younis sees are to localise such services and transfer the knowledge to Sawafi Saudi teams and provide economic, highly quality solutions to daily problems in the upstream.

Sawafi keeps evolving to cope with the upstream market progress, which has never been competitive as it is today. Yet, Younis says, Saudi Aramco promotes competition with no compromise to quality.

He says: "Sawafi keeps scouting for new technologies to participate in Saudi Aramco’s growing operations. Our mission is to deliver value adding technologies that enhance production in a safe and sustainable manner. This is done with keeping the highest service quality with highest safety practices. Sawafi combines competitive prices and high quality."

Sawafi’s technology partners are emerging oilfield products and services companies from around the world. Through them, it is expanding its platform and offerings. For example, Sawafi has signed with Tendeka to provide the intelligent well completion, to satisfy Saudi Aramco increasing demand on new technologies.

Furthermore, the company has developed its oil tools workshop into the Sawafi Service Center managed and run by Saudi professional engineers and technicians to grow its service provision of Tercel Roller Reamers, mud motors, jars and shocks, Logan fishing tools, well characterisation and visualization by DigiDrill, well real time survey services by Enteq Upstream, and artificial intelligence analytics and alerts by Intellicess.

Sawafi acquires contracts and projects in the growing upstream operations of Saudi Aramco, through Schlumberger, Halliburton, and Baker Hughes and others. Its recent projects include drilling enhancement services (Rubicon Oilfield Products), and artificial lift products services (Sawafi-Borets joint venture)

For Sawafi’s localisation ambitions, IKTVA has come as a boon. "IKTVA is line with the ultimatum goal for Sawafi, to localise upstream products and services. And Sawafi focuses on matching the aims of IKTVA, that is, Saudisation," says Younis.

The company is already building strong foundations to be a leading Saudi localiser by 2021.

Applauding the Saudi Vision 2030, Younis says: "Saudi Vision 2030 forms the turning point, where unprecedent support for SMEs are presented through the National Companies Promotion Program and SIDF. The expected change is towards strategic expansion in the region, developing a center of excellence for knowledge transfer, localisation, R&D, oilfield services, assembly and manufacturing and exporting."

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