Zaman ... offering field-proven solutions

The company provides field-proven, highly successful, easy-to-use magnets for wellbore cleaning and fishing operations to assist customers increase uptime and reduce costs

Wellbore debris is blamed for a third of all failed completions runs globally. The effects of debris could result in multiple runs being required to set and test the completion, wireline or coil type mechanical or inflatable bridge plugs.

"For the operator, these are costly additional runs, and unnecessary non-productive time (NPT) that result in lost revenue," Qamar uz Zaman, Operation Manager Middle East, Innovar Middle East, tells OGN.

He explains, for instance, for fishing operations, conventional fishing techniques require expensive bottom hole assembly (BHA). The unknown here is if the fish has been engaged. This could result in potentially multiple runs, making the operations costly and incurring expensive NPT thus resulting in lost revenue.

Similarly, for blowout preventer (BOP) cleaning, conventional techniques utilise a jetting sub. But these have the potential to damage seals, and/or the seal face from water cutting, resulting in the BOPs being removed and dismantled. Here again, this results in costly repairs and lost revenue.

But Zaman says Innovar Solutions has an alternative solution for wellbore cleaning, fishing, and BOP cleaning.

He explains: "Innovar Solutions provides field-proven, highly successful, easy-to-use magnets for wellbore cleaning and fishing operations to assist our customers increase uptime and reduce costs."

Through investment in R&D and from its own experience, Innovar Solutions has developed the Wirltool for BOP cleaning.

Zaman explains: "The Wirltool generates a venturi effect when the horizontal flow passes the BOP cavities, sucking out debris from these. And combined with Innovar’s powerful Magnum and Innomag magnets, customers you are ensured of the most efficient well cleaning assembly available."

Innovar tools, including Magnum and Innomag magnets and the Wirltool, offer many features and advantages:

Magnum Fishing Magnets: These magnets feature laser focus magnet technology that centre the magnetic field focused towards the fish with no disturbing magnetic field towards the pipe wall. They also ensure up to 2,800 kg lifting capacity and a working temperature of 160 deg C. Also available is magnetic shielding for flight/helicopter, certified according to IATA regulations. This allows for quick mobilisation, thus reducing the time waiting for equipment.

Innomag and Innomag HD String Magnets: These include traditional WBCU string magnets and heavy-duty string magnets for milling operations. Amongst their numerous features are their extreme magnetic range, due to the large magnet mass; large fluid by-pass; and easy cleaning and maintenance.


An Innomag string magnet

This BOP cleaning tool creates a powerful circular flow pattern that establishes a vortex that draws/pulls debris from the BOP cavities and crevices. It minimises the risk of water cutting the BOP sealing elements as opposed to traditional jetting tools. The tool also reduces the risk of failing BOP pressure tests caused by metal shavings, prevents expensive and time consuming maintenance of the BOP on surface, and reduces spilling of mud on deck when the riser is laid down.

Innovar Solutions has 20 years of experience in design, development and manufacturing of high-quality products. Zaman says these solutions have been developed for harsh environments.

Furthermore, Innovar solution has laid out ambitious plans to invest in Saudi Arabia and contribute to the local economy through Saudi Aramco’s IKTVA programme by Q4 2020.

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